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When I wrote this letter last year, we were in the middle of COVID quarantines.  I am encouraged that things seem to be turning the corner as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have fallen statistically. I pray your families were not harmed by this cruel virus.

We have new threats in 2021. Threats to your licensure seem to be growing from people who do not understand the depth of knowledge and experience required to be a qualified professional surveyor. 

NCSS stands in the gap by meeting with Senators and Representatives, and hand-delivering letters of opposition or support for the various issues which arise. The House recently passed HB560, enabling the Department of Public Safety to raise public and private funding for the CORS network. NCSS has been very involved with bringing this legislation forward. We are also continuing to navigate Senate Bill 219, which reduces the experience required to become licensed. Fortunately, our advocacy prevented the complete removal of experience requirements for licensure. These are tricky waters to tread, but we are doing our best to support the profession and educate political leaders on the value of qualified surveyors.  

We work hard to provide continuing education options for you through various avenues.  We now have 15 online courses conveniently available to take from your home or office.  Hopefully, we will be able to return to a robust fall schedule. The Otis A. Jones Institute will take place October 6-8, 2021, which is a great opportunity to pursue the highest levels of professional development.

I hope you will allow NCSS to serve and support you in the year ahead. Your involvement on a chapter level enables your board representative to address important regional issues.  It's more important now than ever to let your voice be heard.  We look forward to continued growth as NCSS and NSPS represent you on the state and federal level. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Christy C. Davis
Executive Director, NCSS 

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Types of Membership with NCSS

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Professional Membership

A Professional Land Surveyor holding a current or retired issued certificate of licensure by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors to practice land surveying within the State of North Carolina and who has applied for and been accepted to membership and is current in payment of annual dues to the Society. Includes membership in NSPS.

Associate Membership

Any person who has been certified by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors as a Surveyor Intern. Any person with an interest in the surveying profession, who is not eligible to be a professional member and who has a desire to participate in the activities of the Society or any NCSS chapter.

Sustaining Membership

Any person, partnership, company, corporation, agency or other entity engaged in either the manufacture or distribution of surveying instruments or equipment, in the compilation or reproduction of maps, or in the performance of services for land surveyors; or shall be licensed as a surveying firm in North Carolina and the employees, who are not otherwise eligible to be Professional members may have Society benefits as voted on by the Society’s Board of Directors from time to time.  Click Here for Registration Form

Student Membership

A student enrolled full-time in a geomatics, surveying, mapping, earth science or mathematics program in a university, college or high school.


A Professional Life member shall be a Professional member who has maintained membership in good standing in the Society for at least twenty-five (25) years and is age seventy-five (75) or older at the time of application, OR a Professional Life member shall be a Professional member who has maintained membership in good standing in the Society for at least twenty-five (25) years and is a Professional Land Surveyor, Retired with the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors and is age sixty-five (65) or older at the time of application.

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Value of Membership

Some of the greatest assets of being a member of NCSS are not realized as part of the benefits package. NCSS has been committed to enhancing professionalism, improving legislative awareness and promoting the profession of surveying since its founding in 1939. Becoming a member allows you to partner with us in this worthwhile endeavor while also receiving all of the other benefits of membership. It further allows you the opportunities to fellowship and enjoy the camaraderie offered through meetings, classes and various other gatherings with Professional Surveyors and their affiliates statewide. These assets are invaluable… whether it’s the resources, seminars, discounts, special events, legislative updates, etc. being a North Carolina Society of Surveyors member makes life easy. What are you waiting for? Get started now.

Advantages of Membership

Founded in 1939, NC Society of Surveyors is the only professional organization representing Surveyors throughout our state. Here are some of the advantages to membership with NCSS:


NCSS is the only professional organization in the state, which through an elected Board of Directors and Officers is representing you and your chosen profession. The Board of Directors meets quarterly. Election of Officers is held annually. As a Regular Member, you have voting privileges.


The local Chapters of NCSS provide you with the opportunity to participate by interacting with fellow professionals in your area. This interaction allows for the dissemination of information not only from local governing bodies, but state and national entities, as well. It provides the professional surveyor with the chance to express personal and professional opinions about issues affecting daily business dealings and also the future of the profession. Meetings are usually held monthly at various locations throughout the state.


NCSS has a strong and effective state lobbying program. The NCSS Lobbyist, who is also the Executive Director, works closely with the Legislative Committee, the Executive Committee, and the PAC to provide vigilant efforts to monitor legislation that may affect your livelihood. The NCSS legislative team has been successful in fighting off legislation that would adversely affect the profession and is working to implement legislation that may enhance your practice.


As an approved provider, NCSS offers an extensive array of seminars in locations throughout the state. The focus of our Education Program is to provide PDH benefits and to enhance the abilities of our members in order to ensure long-term viability of the profession. In addition to our seminars held during the last quarter of each year, which are offered at a $100 discount to NCSS members, you may also receive PDH credits at our annual Conference & Institute.


The annual meeting offers you an opportunity each year to connect with your colleagues from across the state. The Conference and Institute is also the ideal time to become acquainted with the NCSS leadership and an opportunity to obtain higher-level education. Furthermore, you can take home new ideas and information by attending seminars, visiting our ever-growing trade show, and attending various NCSS meetings.


This newly re-vamped publication has been gaining quite a bit of attention during the past year. The Tarheel Surveyor is the official publication of NCSS and is provided to members of the Society as a means of keeping you informed of NCSS business, activities and other happenings. Vendors are also well represented in the newsletter and always appreciate the mention of the advertisements.

NCSS WEBSITE is your source for current news, information and upcoming events. Seminar information is available on the website as well as current meeting minutes and the NCSS Minutes and Reports Book. The NCSS website has had quite a face lift in the past year and is still a work in progress. The NCSS staff is continuously striving to improve upon the website and what is offered. Everything you need is now available on the website, including low-cost classified ads.


The NCSS staff is always eager to assist you with any questions, concerns or ideas you may have. Our goal is your satisfaction.


*Membership Year Runs July 1st - June 30th. Log in today to join.