Join us for the Otis A. Jones Educational Institute in Raleigh at the McKimmon Conference & Training Center from October 4th - 6th. 

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Established as part of Past-President Otis Jones’ presidential goals, the first Institute was held January 5-9, 1987 at the McKimmon Center and had 43 surveyors in attendance. Since 1987, NCSS has continued to provide this educational program, typically offered every two years. The program is designed to provide an in-depth look at important aspects of the surveying profession while also creating a university atmosphere for networking, fellowship, and professional development.

To graduate, sections A, B and C of the Institute must be completed (in any order) with a total of 27 hours each. Once all three sections have been completed, the student is awarded a certificate of graduation. Section D does not count towards graduation. Not sure which sections you have completed?  Log in and click here to check your history.

LOCATION: McKimmon Conference & Training Center - 1101 Gorman St, Raleigh, NC 27606

Due to the complexity of the registration options and our payment processing system, all registrations will require a paper registration form.  The only exceptions are the exam reviews (see links below). The forms contain a link to email the forms to As always, you may call the office to register. We are here to assist you. Click Here for the Registration Form or use any of the links below.

We are excited to have Jeffery N. Lucas join us this year as an instructor in Section A on Thursday and Friday. Jeff started his career as a land surveyor and is licensed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  He graduated from law school later in his career. His practice is focused on land boundary issues and real property law, including adverse possession, boundary disputes, professional liability, real property, and zoning and land use issues. As a result of his experience and background, he has developed a library of over 40 titles and conducts continuing education seminars for land surveyors, engineers, and attorneys nationwide. In addition, he has authored over 100 articles on surveying, boundary, and legal issues that have been published in state and national professional journals. 


Section A - Boundary Retracement
  • Wednesday, October 4th
    • "Case Studies" by Mike Benton, PLS
    • "Riparian and Littoral Rights in N.C." by Steve Coggins, Esq
    • Lunch & Learn "Standards of Practice" by Mike Benton, PLS
  • Thursday, October 5th
    • "Survey Evidence and Procedures" by Jeff N. Lucas, Esq, PLS
    • "Legal Descriptions and Conveyances" by Jeff N. Lucas, Esq, PLS
    • Lunch & Learn "NCBEES Update" by Andrew Ritter
  • Friday, October 6th
    • Expert Witness Testimony" by Jeff  N. Lucas, Esq, PLS
    • "A New Practice Model" by Jeff N. Lucas, Esq, PLS
    • Lunch & Learn "Ethics" by Dr. Jerry Nave

Section B - Business Practices & Survey Application
  • Wednesday, October 4th
    • "Taking the Edge Off on Starting Your Own Business" by Tim Guisewhite, PLS & Adam Canoy, PLS
    • "How to Run a Successful Business" by Jim Craddock, PLS
    • "Tax Tips for Your Surveying Business" by Ryan Nemitz, CPA
    • Lunch & Learn "Standards of Practice" by Mike Benton, PLS
  • Thursday, October 5th
    • "Finding Success in Your Surveying Business" by Jeff O'Briant, Esq, PLS
    • Insuring & Contracting to Protect Your Small Business" by Jeff Todd
    • "The Business of Healthcare: What Small Group Employers Should Know About Selecting Health Insurance for Their Employees" by Angie Booker
    • Lunch & Learn "NCBEES Update" by Andrew Ritter
  • Friday, October 6th
    • "The Pragmatic Manager" by Chris Barron
    • "Increasing Productivity Through Written Communication" by Christy Davis
    • "Cybersecurity in 2023: Active Threats & Misconceptions" by Jason Galasso
    • "Leadership & Extreme Ownership" by Chris Barron
    • Lunch & Learn "Ethics" by Dr. Jerry Nave
Section C - Emerging Issues 
  • Wednesday, October 4th
    • "Component-Level Technology in Total Stations and GPS…" by Charles "Bucky" Lawley
    • "Monitoring 101 - Monitoring Business Opportunities for Surveyors" by Joe Priestner
    • "An Overview of SUE for Land Surveyors" by Dale McGowan
    • Lunch & Learn "Standards of Practice" by Mike Benton
  • Thursday, October 5th
    • "NCDOT Location & Surveys - ORD Software Workshop" by Emory Kincaid & Timothy VanGelder (Prerequisites: Laptop with ORD version 10.12 installed, Current NCDOT Workspace installed, Sample Data installed)
    • "Hydrographic Surveying" by Jefferson Canoy
    • Lunch & Learn "NCBEES Update" by Andrew Ritter
  • Friday, October 6th
    • "UAS Basics - Photogrammetry and LiDAR in Parallel" by Seth Swaim & Richie Tarby
    • "Cost Benefit Analysis – Should I start (or expand) my USAS program?" by Chris Breedlove
    • Lunch & Learn "Ethics" by Dr. Jerry Nave
    • "A Day (Or Two) in The Life of a UAS Surveying Crew" by Andrew Lassiter
Section D - Exam Reviews  
By popular demand, we are offering two full days of the FS Exam Review (Part 1 & Part 2). We encourage you to register for both days, but you may register for each separately. Each day will cover different topics, so be sure to look at both descriptions before registering.

7:30am – 8:00am Registration/Breakfast
8:00am – 12:00pm Seminars
12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch & Learn (See topics above)
1:30pm – 5:15pm Seminars 

How do I register? Click here to complete the registration form and send to the NCSS Office using one of the methods below. Due to the complexity of the options, we will be using a paper registration form for Sections A-C.

Can I participate if I only want to come for one day?
YES! You can register for each day separately. You do not have to attend the full Institute.
Can I participate if I am a graduate of the Institute?
Absolutely! You can register and receive PDHs just like you would for a regular seminar. 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 3741 Thistledown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606
Reservations will need to be made no later than September 12, 2023.
$119.00 plus tax
Reservations may be made by calling the hotel at 919-854-0001 Ext. 1 (mention the group code NSS) or online NC Society of Surveyors.