Standing Committees of NCSS

Conference Committee
Chair: Dean Exline
President-Elect of NCSS

Education Committee
Chair: John Story

Education Foundation
Chair:  Mike Adams

Executive Committee
Chair: Timothy Guisewhite
President of NCSS

Finance & Budget Committee
Chair: Cliff C. Johnson
Secretary/Treasurer of NCSS

Legislative Committee
Chair: Troy Clayton
President of NCSS

Long-Range Planning Committee
Chair: Jerry Nave

Museum of Archives & Preservation of Surveying (MAPS)
President: David Alley

Membership Development & Chapter Relations
Chair: Shane Strickland
Vice President of NCSS

Nominating Committee
Chair:  J. David Lee
Past President of NCSS

Political Action Committee (PAC)
Chair: Robin Lee

Public Relations Committee
Chair: J. David Lee

Standards of Practice Committee
Chair: Jim E. Davis