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The NCRR Survey Maps were created circa 1851 under the title of “Property Maps of the North Carolina Railroad Company” and were made under the direction of Walter Gwynn, Chief Engineer of Charles R. Barney & Upton Bruce Gwynn at a scale of 1" = 100'. These maps are currently located at the North Carolina State Archives.

Due to the delicate nature of the 150 year old maps it was determined that flatbed scanning would not be an option. Instead, the maps, organized in three separate books, were held on an easel and a photo was taken. A slide was produced from this photo and NCRR scanned each individual slide. This method produced an acceptable image, however it was not possible to compensate for the distortion created by the curvature caused by the book’s spine. As a result slight deviations from the actual boundary are apparent under close examination, but most were mitigated by supporting engineering maps created over the last 150 years. The scanned images were then georeferenced based on common locations of water and road features. The NCRR 1851 Overlays (PDF) provided on this website were created to provide a present day location reference to areas of the NCRR Corridor as it existed circa 1851. The overlays were created by assembling six datasets: NCRR 1851 Survey Maps, NCRR Current Corridor Boundary, NCRR Original Corridor Boundary, NCDOT Street Centerlines (provided by NCDOT via download), and Railroad Mileposts.

* Please note that the original (1851) centerline of the NCRR may have moved for a number of reasons. Ground shifts and 150 years of train traffic may have changed the exact location — however, a more prevalent occurrence is deliberate track relocation and line straightening. It should not be taken for granted that the current location of the track is the original (1851) centerline. If there is uncertainty of the location of the original centerline, please contact NCRR for clarification at 919-954-7601.