The Friday Feature 06.28.2024

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Right of Entry- Senate Bill 677

Reminder:  The Limited Right of Entry 89C-19.2, which protects land surveyors from trespassing charges, becomes effective on July 1st. If you need to notify adjoining landowners that you will be on their property, there are various ways to do so, such as letters, phone calls, verbal communication, and door hangers. To assist you, we have provided a template for a door hanger on the resources tab of the NCSS website. Click here to access it. 

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Passing of Ronald O. Graham

We want to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ronald "Ronnie" O. Graham, who passed away on June 18, 2024. Mr. Graham was a resident of West End, NC, where he founded Central Carolina Surveyors, PA. He was a faithful servant of the Lord and was a member of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors for many years. Mr. Graham was well-loved by many people in his Chapter and community, where he was actively involved. He will be greatly missed. 

A private family memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 29.

Click Here to Read the Full Obituary

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North Carolina’s Division of Emergency Management (NCEM) has established a special CORS revenue fund to meet the directive of House Bill 560 passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in the 2021-2022 Session.  This special revenue fund is intended to provide support for the North Carolina Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and Real Time Network (RTN).

The Fund consists of General revenue appropriations, gifts, donations, grants, devises, fees, and monies contributed by State and non-State entities and any other revenues specifically allocated to the Fund by an act of the NC General Assembly.

Currently, North Carolina Geodetic Survey (NCGS) uses the one-time login fee, and funds from grants and partnerships with other agencies for the operation of the system.

Users of the North Carolina CORS Real Time Network can now support the network by providing a donation to the CORS Fund. 

The North Carolina Geodetic Survey Advisory Committee encourages users of the CORS/RTN to provide a yearly donation to the CORS Fund that will be used for the operation, maintenance, and expansion of the North Carolina CORS Real Time Network.

Link to the CORS Fund donation page: Home page - DonateCORS (

Click Here for the Economic Benefits of the NC CORS Network

Thank you for your donation.

David B. Zilkoski
Chair, North Carolina Geodetic Survey Advisory Committee


By purchasing a Land Surveyor license plate, you will provide educational opportunities for individuals interested in becoming a Professional Surveyor.

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues Land Surveyor specialty license plates that provide Professional Land Surveyors a way to show your pride as a Professional Land Surveyor in North Carolina.  The NCSS Education Foundation encourages you to purchase a specialty license plate for each vehicle you own.

How much does it cost?

Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for a standard-issue plate.  For an additional $30, you can customize your plate.  Note that personalized plates cannot be numbers only but can be a combination of numbers and letters.  Note that these fees will be in addition to your regular plate fee.

Support the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (NCSS) Education Foundation

Fifteen dollars ($15.00) of the fee that you pay for the specialty plate(s) goes to the NCSS Education Foundation. This fee is awarded upon the first purchase and renewed annually as you continue your specialty plate.

How do I obtain a Land Surveyor license plate?

Click Here – Choosing a specialty license plate is an option when renewing your registration with the DMV.


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This week, we are highlighting Allen Precision Equipment, IncOur sustaining members support NCSS yearly through functions such as our annual conference, golf tournaments, and membership. We hope to reciprocate these benefits through the mutual support of their companies. To show our appreciation, we highlight one sustaining member each week in the Friday Feature. Please consider them for your business needs first and mention your membership with NCSS whenever possibleClick Here for a Complete List of Sustaining Member