Licensure Requirements in North Carolina

Steps to Earning Your PLS

If you are interested in becoming a Professional Land Surveyor, there are several avenues to achieve this goal. See the chart below to decide which route is a good fit for you:
EducationExperience in Years
Exam I+ YearsExam II
BS Surveying
(45 semester hrs: Survey Courses)
0 2(1) 2(1)
AAS Degree Surveying Technology
(20 semester hrs: Survey Courses)
4(2) 4(2) 8(4)
High School Diploma or Equivalent 10(6) 6(3) 16(9)

*Numbers in ( ) refer to years of experience that must be supervised by a PLS.

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Note: The surveying education bill, sponsored by the North Carolina Society of Surveyors, was signed into law in August 2005 and became effective January 1, 2013. The law changed the minimum education and experience requirements to become a surveyor in North Carolina.

Applicants who have not passed the Fundamentals of Surveying (Exam I) by the end of December 2012 will be required to meet the new prerequisites before they will be eligible to be seated for an exam.

Current applicants who have taken and passed the Fundamentals of Surveying (Exam I) and are working toward obtaining their experience to be eligible for the Principles and Practice of Surveying (Exam II) will be grandfathered and will remain within the pre-2013 requirements.