Despite the fact we had to cancel the 2021 Annual Conference, we are excited to continue the Plat Competition since we know so many of you look forward to it every year. This is your opportunity to gain recognition among your peers and the chance to win $100 for the Best Overall Plat!  Entries must be received in the NCSS Office on or before January 28, 2021.   The deadline has been texted to February 8, 2021.

Click Here for Entry Form. May the best plat win! 


  • Received in the NCSS Office on or before February 8, 2021.
  • Drawn between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 (except for Historical plats).
  • Sponsored by NCSS member.
  • Submitted with approval of certifying PLS (except for Historical Plats).
  • One page only.
  • The original size; no reductions or enlargements.
  • In compliance with G.S.47-30 (signed and dated, suitable for recording), where applicable.
  • Labeled with the category in the upper right-hand margin on the face of each plat and its copy.
  • Completed with a signed entry form attached to the back of each plat and its copy.
  • One plat per category per entrant. Individual plats may be entered in more than one category.

SEND TO: NCSS, PO Box 2101, Wake Forest, NC 27588 and enclose the following for each plat entered.

A. 20.00 for each plat entry (except for Historical Plats).
B. Two copies of each plat & entry forms. 
C. You can hand deliver plats to NCSS office, 331 S. White St, Wake Forest rather than mailing them.

An overall winner will be chosen & receive a $100 cash prize & plaque. Certificates will be awarded for all other winning entries. The overall winning plat will be entered into the NSPS National Plat Contest. Entries will be judged in February. 

CATEGORIES (Submit only one plat per category)

  • BOUNDARY:  A plat of an actual parcel of land which shows the results of a boundary survey. It is recommended that this plat show only the boundary survey, and no other information such as topo or as-built.
  • TOPOGRAPHIC:  A plat prepared to show existing topographic features of a parcel of land.
  • SUBDIVISION:  A plat prepared suitable for recording which shows the subdivision of a parcel of land. 
  • AS-BUILT COMMERCIAL:  A plat prepared to show the finished features of a parcel of land for commercial uses.
  • AS-BUILT RESIDENTIAL:  A plat prepared to show the finished features of a parcel of land for residential purposes.
  • NONCONFORMING:   A plat which is unusual or unique. This category is judged based on its uniqueness & method of presenting information.
  • SUBDIVISION DESIGN PLAN:  A plat prepared for the construction design of subdivisions.
  • ALTA SURVEY MAPS:  Any plat prepared to ALTA standards.
  • GIS:  Any plat prepared using a Geographic Information System.
  • HISTORICAL:  A plat prepared at least 50 years prior to the Plat Contest deadline. It should be outstanding in its qualities or unique in its method of presenting information. The purpose is to reflect on maps with modern methods of drafting. Please include letter of explanation if available.

*Please note that there is no entry fee for historical plats and they are not judged. Therefore, they do not receive awards or monetary rewards.

Click Here for Entry Form.